Sunday, June 26, 2016

Back Hoed....

When we first got the tractor, couldn't figure out why most farmers had so many tractors. But then we started to get more implements, and finally figured it out.  It's a huge pain to change them out, so it's way better to have lots of tractors. Well we haven't gotten there yet, so every year we have to change things out. So in the fall, it's time to put on the rear blade. Then in the spring, the rototiller. Then the splitter, then the mower. Now finally put the back hoe on.

The back hoe cost almost as much as the tractor, so it was a major investment. But figured it was a real useful tool and besides, thought it'd be fun to learn to run something different. Well it was in more ways than one. Now whenever it get's put on the tractor, it's another adventure. First you have to remove the three-point hitch, then carefully back over the sub frame of the hoe, which you can't see once you're over it. Then when it's finally positioned correctly, hook up the hydraulics. You lift up the sub frame of the hoe using the side stabilizers and bucket until it connects to the locking clamps on the tractor frame. It usually take two or three tries and lots of cursing. Anyway, today it was time to dig out some stumps. After the trees are dropped, it's about about five years until we can get a big stump out. There's no way that there's enough power in the back hoe on the JD to rip out a monster stump. But after a few years of letting it rot, hydraulics rule. So the next thing you know, there's just a hole in the ground!


  1. Green acres is the place to living is the life for me....

  2. Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue!