Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ides of March (again)…

Unless you remember that rock band from the early '70’s whose lead singer, Jim Peterik, came from my hometown, most would think of the Ides of March from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, set during the Roman new year’s celebration (Ides of March, 3/16/13). In Alaska, the Ides come during the best part of winter, when the sun is high enough to warm things up, but not so warm as to ruin the snow pack for outdoor activities.
What makes this photo of the dogs the other day a little unusual, is it was snowing.  March actually has the lowest precipitation of any month up here, so it’s rare to get much snowfall. It was snowing lightly when I took the photo, but really started coming down on the way back. The tracks coming out of the dog yard were pretty much covered when we returned. Great weather so far this March, it almost doesn’t get any better than this. Party on.