Monday, September 3, 2012

Makin' the grade...

After finishing the dozer work for this year's Nome Creek reclamation project (Dozin' off... 8/9/10), I was asked to help out on the road grader. No problem I said, how does it work? After about ten minutes training, Eric turned me loose on the old tailings road, which I preceded to tear up and then fix until I felt comfortable on the machine. Then I started on the roads that really needed to be graded. It was interesting work and it's always enjoyable to learn to run a new piece of heavy metal.
While I was staying out at the field station, I noticed my right hand was getting numb and looked a little odd. After getting back to town, I was examined by several doctors and found out I have cubital tunnel syndrome, an affliction of the nerves in my elbow that caused muscle atrophy in my hand. So they did surgery on the elbow to release the effected nerve and hopefully next summer I'll be out there driving the grader again.