Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Haulin' in the wood...

As I've written earlier (Iron Dog, 4/19/09), when the dog runs are over, it's time to haul in fire wood. There's always more trees falling down along (or over) the dog trail, so this is the time of year to buck the trees up and haul the wood back. Usually it's a race to finish before all the snow disappears in late April.
But the interesting thing this year is how much snow is still around. While there's over two feet on the ground now, the photo from last year shows almost no snow at the same time a year ago.
Global warming? It could be we're headed for another ice age.
Updated May 10. It got up to 60°F yesterday, so that's a good sign, but there's still a foot and a half of snow on the ground. The weather forecast is for cooler with a chance of rain or snow tomorrow. Looks like we might not be planting the garden until July.