Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot dogs...

It's been pretty warm the last few days, up to 45°F . I'm heading out to the White Mtns again and really hoping that it cools off a bit. The dogs are running great, but the ones with heavy coats, the fuzzy ones, are really struggling with the heat. I guess we'll find out how well they can deal with the warm weather. It's kind of like the global warming, how well species adapt to change.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

White Mountains...

Spent three days out in the White Mtns north of Fairbanks. Always an interesting trip, this time the highlights were a wolf killed moose and a runaway dog. The moose remains were scattered along the trail just a few miles from the cabin. A flock of ravens were scavenging it when we passed by and the dogs sure were excited for a bit. That night, I could hear the wolves howling close to the cabin. Several times during the night, the dogs woke me up with their furious barking, but in spite of the full moon, I never did see anything.
The runaway dog was from another team. I saw the musher on the way in and he mentioned in passing that he had lost one of his dogs. When we got to the cabin, the dog was standing on the porch, as if she was waiting there for someone to stop by. It was lucky I only had seven dogs, so there was a spot for her on the drop chain at night and also in the gang line when I ran the team out.
The trails were really good in some places, but also very rough and icy in others. The Beaver Creek crossing was perfect on the way in, but apparently had flooded with over flow and then completely frozen over afterwards. When I went out, the crossing was like a Zamboni had just finished with it. Just another fun trip in the White Mtns.