Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dog Psychology

When I was training the dogs for the White Mtns trip, several of the older ones weren't doing so great, so I called my friend Lynn to see if she had any extras. She often takes in unwanted sled dogs and as it turned out, she had a young male that was eager and ready to go. While he is a super hard working dog, he is also very shy of people. I figured he would come around in a while, but after two months, he's still almost as shy as when we got him. We thought maybe bringing him into the house might help, so he's been coming into the basement regularly. There's an old couch there that he loves to sit on and share with the cat, who seems bored by it all. But as soon as we take him outside, he gets all freaky again. Maybe he just needs a couch for his dog house?