Monday, December 21, 2009

On the sled again...

Finally got to running dogs on a sled after using a 4 wheeler for the past few months (Dog Drivin' Oct 23). It reminded me of that Willy Nelson song where he says "just can't wait to get on the road again and bein' with my friends."
Don't get me wrong, using a 4 wheeler is great in the fall. I used to run dogs on an old motorcycle, what's called a rolling chassis: frame, wheels, forks, handelbars and seat. It was great when the roads were dry, but it was totally out of control on gravel roads when it was wet or there were leaves and frost. The 4 wheeler was a huge improvement, but a sled is still the way to go.
We got about a half of foot of snow last week and I've been working on the trail ever since, shoveling snow on the bad spots and then dragging it with the SkiDoo. Andy came out with me the other day and we shoveled snow for quite a while. The run today was far from perfect, really rough and cobby in parts, but the smooth sections more than made up for it. Nothing that a little more snow wouldn't cure, but until then, we'll keep shoveling and doing our usual snow dance and hope for the best.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Climate change...

There's been a lot of talk lately about the truthfulness of the climate change theories. Don't know that much about it, but after thirty years of doing field surveys and running dogs in Alaska, I do know that winters start later, there's a lot less snow, and spring seems to arrive earlier than when I first moved here in 1976. It seems like a prudent person might take the time to actually research the problem, rather than just criticize the proponents as a bunch of greenie, socialist, hippies. More information at UAF's Geophysical Institute:

(Cartoon's from Frozen Grin: