Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer vacation?

Took a trip  down to Seattle for the past couple of weeks. Stayed in fine hotel suite:

With a grand view of the waterfront and stadiums. In fact, one highlight of the trip was watching the fireworks at Safeco field.
Of course heading out for the day was sometimes a challenge:
Summer vacation? Not so much. Last fall I found out I had "moderate to severe arthritis" in both hips. The right one was quite bothersome by the end of the winter. Surprisingly so, since I'd thought running dogs, cutting firewood, and driving the old Ski Doo would improve things.
After some research, I decided on hip resurfacing rather than a complete replacement. It's slightly less invasive, so the recovery times expected to be a lot shorter. Since it's not done in Fairbanks, we had to got outside for the procedure. Andy filled in as the ever faithful nurse and now we're back in Fairbanks again, looking forward to a fine summer. More info on hip resurfacing at: