Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sure sign of spring...

NWS Monthly weather summary for April for Fairbanks Alaska (edited for brevity)...

"April 2016 was the second warmest on record. Average temperature was 42.4 degrees which was 9.9 degrees above the normal average temperature of 32.5 degrees. There were four temperature records set, all warmer than normal.

Green up (when the south facing hills near town change from brown to green) occurred on the 26th of April, breaking the previous earliest date on the 29th. The mean date for green up is the 9th of May.

Looking forward to the month of May, sunshine continues to increase by nearly 7 minutes per day. The day light hours increasing from 17 hours and 8 minutes on the 1st to 20 hours and 30 minutes on the 31st.  The average daily high temperature increases from 54 degrees on the 1st to 67 degrees on the 31st. The average daily low temperature increases form 31 degrees on the 1st to 44 degrees on the 31st. The forecast for the month of May from the climate prediction center calls for the likelihood of above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation."

Another sure sign of spring is the harnesses and winter gloves washed and hung out to dry. In winter, the dog's diet is supplemented with lots of fish, meat, and fat scraps added to their regular dog food. This gives them real oily fur which rubs off on the gloves and harnesses. If they're not washed every few years, they can get pretty fragrant, even moldy.

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