Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hill and the Donald...

While I normally eschew politics (I love that phrase, it implies something so distasteful you'd spit it out), the insanity of the current presidential race screams for a comment. On the one hand, Hillary Clinton, a person so untrustworthy that she's comparable to Sarah "you can always tell she's lying if her lips are moving" Palin. On the other hand, The Donald T-rump, also Palinesque with his rambling word-salad speeches, arrogant, almost child-like put-downs, and inability to ignore any slight, no matter how trivial. It's a conniving, duplicitous woman against a bloviating, narcissistic man. It doesn't get any better than that.

But I digress. This blog is supposed to be humorous, so let's talk about the Donald's hair. You'd think a billionaire could afford a decent haircut, implants, or hairpiece. Instead, you hear comparisons to the raccoon, rabbit, or beaver pelt that sits on his head. Well I think that does a huge injustice to the piece of fur that adorns the Donald's bald spot. To most anyone from Alaska, it's pretty obvious that he probably got a muskrat pelt from Sarah Palin. She would've sent the Todd out to the swamp nearest their Wasilla bungalow to trap one, then present it to T-dumpster as an offering to get her into his supposed administration. Anyways, I think they've missed a big opportunity here: marketing muskrat hairpieces. Give them a catchy name, I don't know, maybe something like T-rat hair?

The Donald's glorious mane...

And a muskrat pelt. I rest my case.
You be the judge.

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