Saturday, September 12, 2015

Last ride?

With the weather forecast for the weekend bringing rain and cooler weather, I figured I'd better get out for at least one more ride. While not as warm as a few days ago, yesterday was still a pleasant sunny fall day. Like last year (Fall rides, 9/20/14), the colors in the trees were beginning to fade a bit, but still vibrant enough to enjoy as I rode down to the Chena River. You get a great panorama of the valley as you head out of hills into the flats and similarly, a view of the hills northeast of town on the way back.

This definitely is my favorite time of year. It's just too bad it only lasts for a few weeks. But we had a good run of fall weather, about ten straight warm, sunny days , so can't complain too much about the rain. As in most things, when the weather changes, so do you.

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