Saturday, September 26, 2015

Family reunion...

Flew down to the lower 48 to see our respective families. We first visited with my cousin Rosemary, her son Mark and his family. Had a great time but unfortunately forgot to take any pictures. Will try to get Mark to send a family photo.
We then drove to Wisconsin and stayed with Andy's brother Carl, who lives in a renovated 1890's farmhouse. All of her siblings came up for the weekend. This was the first reunion they'd had in almost twenty years, so it was a special time for all, and the local consumption of Leinenkugels likely increased exponentially.
Andy's brother has a new pickup truck, so of course we had to have our picture taken in it.
Afterwards, we spent some time with Andy's sister Debbie and her husband Peter. Here's a shot of the Shmigelski girls on our visit to Morton arboretum.

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