Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another dog run...

We've gotten another new dog. Bella didn't work out. She was severely shy when she arrived at our place, showed no improvement after several months, and in the end, wanted nothing to do with me. So we took her back to Tracyann and wound up taking a younger female, Tatalina, or Taters as I call her. I'd hoped to run her at least once this spring, but with the snow almost gone from the trails, it didn't look promising. But then we heard from our neighbors that it'd snowed several inches out near the Hot Springs, so figured we could get one more run in. Loaded up the truck with the dogs and sled, then headed up the road to the Chena Recreation Area. The trails there were still in good shape with the fresh snow and wound up having a decent dog run.
Headin' out on the winter trail.
Takin' a break on the way back.
Spuds coolin' off.
Taters, the new girl on the left, next to Easter, or little Missy as Andy calls her.

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