Friday, April 3, 2015

End of winter?

The warm spell that began in March is hanging on into April. The snow is melting fast and the dog trail's so bad I put the sleds away already. Just finished hauling in the last load of wood.

Might try to haul the dogs out to the White Mtns. if it cools off a bit, but the forecast is not promising. Here's the weather bureau's March summary and April forecast (slightly edited for brevity):

Monthly weather summary for March from the National Weather Service Fairbanks, Alaska:

March was a month of contrasts with both temperature and snowfall above seasonal averages. The month started off warm with the first week averaging well above normal; however a strong cold pushed through the interior on the 8th causing temperatures to plummet. Low temperatures dropped to 30 below and colder from the 10th to the 15th with the daily average nearly 25 degrees below normal. Then came a rapid warming, with temperatures rising above normal from the 17th to the end of the month.

The warmest temperature, which was a record high, was 52 degrees on the 26th and the coldest temperature was 37 below which occurred on the 15th. The average temperature was 15.5 degrees which was 4.1 degrees above the monthly normal. This ranked as the 23rd warmest March in 110 years of record.

March was a snowy month with 8.1 inches of snow falling at the Fairbanks airport. This was 3.2 inches above the average snowfall. This March ranked as the 28th snowiest of 102 years. Seasonal snowfall remains well below normal with only 41.7 inches, which is 19.5 inches below normal.
Looking forward to April the average daily high temperature
increases from 35 degrees on the 1st to 54 degrees on the
30th. The average daily low temperature increases from 8 degrees
on the 1st to 31 degrees on the 30th.

During April, possible sunshine increases by nearly 7 minutes per
day,  from 13 hours and 36 minuteson the 1st to 16 hours and 55 minutes on the 30th.

The forecast for the month of April from the climate prediction
center calls for near normal temperatures and precipitation.

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