Friday, January 1, 2010

Parties over...

December seems like one big party. In spite of so little daylight, officially 3 hours 41 minutes on the solstice, there's much to enjoy this month. My friend Mike and I have our birthdays during the first week, so that's a great excuse for a party. There's usually a few work related parties mid month and then comes the neighborhood Christmas eve pot luck dinner and white elephant gift exchange, always a hoot. The next day we usually have Christmas dinner with friends, then another neighborhood party on New Year's eve. This year it was at our house and quite a few people showed up, since it was a relatively balmy -20° F. Last year it was near -40 and only a hardy few ventured out. Today was kind of a let down from all the parties, but now we're up to 4 hours of daylight, so spring's just around the corner.

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