Sunday, January 7, 2018

December Weather Summary...

The ever popular NWS monthly summary:
Weather summary for December for Fairbanks Alaska...
A remarkably warm December in Fairbanks due to a persistent upper level ridge over the west coast of North America. This produced multiple long duration warm chinook events that pushed the temperatures in Fairbanks into a record December.  It was the warmest of the last century and the second warmest December on record which date back 113 years.
Mean monthly temperature was 8.9°F, which was 13.0°F above normal. The observed maximum temperature was 41.0°F on the 13rd of the month. The minimum temperature was -26.0°F on the 29th of the month. The total monthly precipitation was 0.3°F, which was 0.3" below normal. Snowfall  was 7.0 inches, which was 5.1 inches below normal.
Looking forward to January, the average temperature drops from 7 below on the 1st, bottoms out at 8.7 below on the 16th, and then climbs back to 6 below on the 31st for an average of 8 below for the month. Temperatures in January have ranged from 52 above in 2009 to 66 below in 1934.
The average snowfall in January is 10.3 inches, but has ranged from 66 inches in January of 1937 to trace amounts some years. Possible sunshine increases in January with 4 hours and 2 minutes of possible sunshine on the 1st increasing by an average of 5 minutes per day to 6 hours and 52 minutes by the 31st. 
The outlook for Fairbanks for January from the Climate Prediction Center calls for above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation.
Chart is from the Alaska Climate Research Center (

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