Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ridin' the 650...

So after finishing the work on the 650 Mogu (technically it's a V65 Spada, or sword in English, but seriously, who rides a sword?), took it for a ride to see how the new tires worked, Well to be honest, there seemed no difference. But the speedometer was working, so now the worm drive mechanism was fixed. I was happy there were no problems, since I wasn't sure if the spacers on the axles were assembled correctly. At least I was until I came to the junction with the Steese Hwy and the motor died. When it didn't restart, I remembered last fall running out of gas (Last Ride #3....). so switched to reserve and it fired right up. Then turned to get to the nearest gas station that carried premium, not all of them up here sell it, and filled'er up. The rest of the ride was fine, but sometimes it's the little things that'll make it interesting.

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