Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Winkin', blinkin', and nod...

When I first got the 850T Moto Guzzi, it was awhile before I figured out that it originally had turn signals (winkers), that were removed by the previous owner. Since most of the bikes I'd ridden never had'em, it didn't seem like a big deal. So it took some time (like maybe twenty years) before I thought to replace 'em. What made it seem like a good idea was when I got a ticket for no seat belt. Now don't get me wrong, wearing your seat belt's great, there just shouldn't be a law about it. I was driving the pickup  home from town, in fact I was parked in front of the mail boxes on the Hot Springs Rd, when I noticed some lights in the rear view mirror. WTF I thought, as the State Trooper walks up, taps on the window, and writes me a ticket for no seat belt. The worst part was he wrote down my hair color as grey; it was still listed as brown on my license, so he added insult to injury. Anyway, it eventually got me to thinkin' that maybe the Guzzi needed to be made legal again.
Found some decent looking turn signals on ebay so ordered two pair. It's funny, they're apparently not DOT approved, so they say only for off road use. Who'd need turn signals for off road use?
The rear wires and plug ins were still there, so they were no problem. The front, not so much. Here's what the headlight wiring looks like:

The only thing I learned from the wiring diagrams I downloaded is that Azzuro = blue, Nero = black, Rosa = red. So with my rudimentary Italian and a volt meter, got all the front wires hooked up. Then it was time for the tail light.
On our last ride in the fall, hit a serious bump and went airborne. Not normally a big deal, but when we got home, noticed that part of the rear tail light was missing.  Now this wasn't a terrible thing, cause I always kind of hated the rear tail light. It looked like something off a Diamond REO truck. So after a little research, saw that the early 70's MoGu's used a similar, but somewhat smaller round tail light that mounted on the same bracket. Suh-weet, I thought, it'll mount right on, so ordered one. Well of course the wiring was totally different, so had to rewire it.  But now that they're on the bike,  the turn signal's a winkin', the brake lights a blinkin', and I can nod off in peace.

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