Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All holed up...

The younger dogs spend most of the summer digging holes. Tater's the worst, her yard looks like a pack of angry ground squirrels on steroids just passed through. Back in the day, I'd shovel in their holes, only to have them dug out again overnight. So now, just let'em dig as much as they want, their holes often reaching epic proportions. Then in the fall after a few hard frosts freeze the ground, we move them down to the lower dog yard, closer to the trail. Then bring in the back hoe and fill the holes with hydraulics. I've heard several comments about over kill, but they probably never spent all day shoveling compacted silt.
The chief culprit, she's already started a hole in her new spot.
Tater's old yard, lot's o' holes.
After backfilling; it's not pretty but there's no holes to trip and fall into in the dark.

Hydraulics rule!

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