Thursday, April 7, 2016

NWS March Weather Summary...

"The remarkably warm and dry weather pattern continued into mid March when a short cold spell dropped temperatures to 20 below on the 18th, which was the coldest temperature recorded in the month A warmer, wetter pattern took hold during the last week of the month, when a storm on the 29th and 30th set a record for the most rain in twenty four hours in March, 0.30 inches.

The average temperature was 19.8 degrees which was 8.4 degrees above the normal average temperature of 11.4 degrees. This ranks as the 9th warmest of 111 years of record. The highest temperature was 51 degrees on the 25th which set a new record; the previous record for the day was 50 degrees set in 1999. The coldest temperature for the season remains 29 below which occurred on Christmas morning. This makes 2015-2016 the only winter except for 1976-1977 where the temperature at Fairbanks failed to drop to 30 below or colder, in 111 years of record.

Looking forward to April, the average daily high temperature increases from 35 degrees on the 1st to 54 degrees on the 30th. The average low temperature increases from 8 degrees on the 1st to 31 degrees on the 30th. The warmest temperature recorded at the Fairbanks airport in April was 76 degrees in 2009 and the lowest temperature recorded in April was 32 below in 1911 and 1944. The average snowfall for April is 2.9 inches.

Possible sunshine increases by nearly 7 minutes per day with daylight increasing from 13 hours and 41 minutes on the 1st to 17 hours and 1 minute on the 30th. The forecast for the month of April from the climate prediction center calls for above normal temperatures and near normal precipitation."
The snow was disappearing fast by the end of March.
But then we got a dump of snow in early April. It's melting now, so hopefully it'll soon be gone.

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