Monday, February 15, 2016

Annual Maintenance...

Just like a motorcycle or snow machine, a dog team needs maintenance too. Besides vaccines, food supplements, and regular exercise, the younger dogs need to be trained to take over the jobs that the older more experienced ones have been doing. The most important, of course, is lead dog. Now we're training Jabba and Easter (or little Missy as Andy calls her), to take over for Barney and Spuds, who are both eleven. Jabba's been running up front for awhile now and he's doing great (Out to the Whites and a new leader...4/1/13). Just started with Missy (or pissy Missy, as I call her, cause she's so full of piss and vinegar). She gets to go up front after the turn around and we're heading for home. So far she's doing fine, but it should be interesting the first time we have to pass another team.
Missy and Barney up front, ready to rock. Obi, behind Missy is already rolling.

Headin' for home down the valley bottom.

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