Saturday, October 3, 2015

Storm of the decade?..

We've had two major snow storms already, the first dumped about five inches of heavy, wet snow last Friday, which then mostly melted, and this Tuesday to Wednesday we got another eleven inches. While this still isn't as bad as September 1992, when we got about two feet of snow, this will likely rank as one of the highest snowfalls in September ever. I would have posted sooner, but the power was out from Wednesday morning to Friday evening. A few photos of the snow:
Here's the yard and deck after the first snow.

How it looked yesterday.

Here's the driveway/garage after the first snow.

Now there's a bit more snow.

Here's some factoids from the weather bureau's September summary:

AVG MAX TEMP (F)            50.2   15TH COLDEST OF 110 YEARS
AVG MIN TEMP (F)             34.6   47TH COLDEST OF 110 YEARS
AVG TEMP (F)                      42.4   28TH COLDEST OF 110 YEARS
TOTAL PRECIP (IN)            3.74   2ND WETTEST OF 102 YEARS
TOTAL SNOW (IN)           20.90   2ND SNOWIEST OF 102 YEARS

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