Sunday, August 2, 2015

All Guzzied up...

After 3 months, punctuated by short spurts of wrenching (Angst...5/7/15), interspersed with long waits for parts, the Moto Guzzi is back together and ready to roll. My neighbor Bert gave invaluable help, especially when an extra hand was needed to move the engine/transmission unit or to re-connect the drive shaft.
Besides replacing all the engine and transmission seals, it got new air cleaners, spark plugs, tires, front brake pads, and head light. But like my grandma used to say, "All dressed up and no place to go." Since it's been raining pretty hard the last few days, I'll wait until tomorrow to fire it up and take it out for a test ride.
Postscript: It took a few days, had some wiring mixed up to the starter relay, so finally called Moto-International and Mischa set me right. Pretty sweet to ride a bike that was parked for the last 5-6 years.

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