Friday, June 12, 2015

Who's wiring?...

It all started out just as some simple wiring to finish a project that'd begun last fall. In the course of getting stuff together, I found a connector that belonged on the wiring cover (wire mold) going to the water pump. But when I tried to snap it in place, somehow it shorted out the hot (black) wire. When I moved the wire to see what happened, the hot wire to the water heater also shorted. So now we had no water and no clue why.
After shutting off all the breakers to the basement, I disconnected the wires and saw that a sharp edge of the metal wire mold covering had cut through the insulation and shorted it out. So decided to replace that section of wire mold with BX conduit (flexible armored pipe). I had some laying around, so was able to scab together a bypass for the shorted-out wires. The funny part was that after it was finished, it reminded me of the wiring hanging about in Dr Who's Tardis.

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