Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back on the dozer...

After several year's hiatus, went back out to Nome Creek to drive the dozer (Dozin' off again 8/9/10).  Rather than dealing with the existing tailing piles, this was an area where contractors had removed tailings for road reconstruction. In doing so, they had excavated below the water level of the creek, so that whenever it flooded, the creek would flow into the area and erode new channels. The problem was how to consolidate all the flow into a single channel without sufficient material to build up the new stream banks. As usual, you have to make a mess to fix a mess. Excavated a new channel and some ponds to create material for the stream banks and then spent a lot of time landscaping the area to make the new banks and floodplain. But in the end, the creek was back into a single channel, hopefully for a good while...or at least until the next big flood.
Looking downstream at the eroded channel:

A view from the cab after realignment:

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