Saturday, December 21, 2013

Back on the runners...

Last fall I had surgery on my elbow to relocate a pinched nerve that was causing numbness and muscle atrophy in my hand (Making the grade 9/3/12). So this fall I went back to the Dr. for a checkup and found out that the effected nerve, like some malevolent worm, had wiggled back into the joint. So they wound up doing surgery again.
Since I had just started running the dogs on the sled (after switching over from the 4-wheeler), I hoped to get some help training while I healed up. Andy, ever the sweetheart, volunteered. While she'd run dogs before, it'd been awhile (Last dog run 5/12/12). But she started taking them out this past weekend and is planning to go out again tomorrow, to the chagrin of our neighbor who was looking forward to finally have the trails to himself for a while. So here's a few photos of Andy from the way back time:
On the runners and flying, with Barney in lead.

Out in the White Mountains, running with two teams.

A triumphant return home, a few years ago.

And finally a run this new year.

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