Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Andy...

My two wheel dogs are both ten now; one is mostly retired and the other thinks he's got a part time job. So when I saw an add for a super hard working wheel dog named Andy, well I just had to respond to it. The woman who had the dog lived in Ruby, a small village on the mighty Yukon River, and she said he was just too strong for her to handle. That sounded perfect to me, but not so much for my wife Andy. While she tolerates my mushing addiction and occasionally runs a team herself, the thought of another crazed sled dog, leaping and barking in the yard, was, at best, not high on her to do list. But promises to finish the house, well at least keep at it, won the day. So now we have another Andy, a big, strong boy to help me get up those monster hills in the White Mtns.

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