Sunday, October 11, 2009

Timber moves...

Finally got around to moving the timbers (Timber 2...Sept 9). First had to weld up a pair of bucket forks to pick up the long timber to get it down to garage. Then was able to roll it into place on some snow machine dollies. Made some slings out of webbing and picked it up off of the floor with a couple of come-alongs attached to the wall. Then got the vertical timbers into place with a handyman jack. Had to do some last minute cutting, as one timber was a little long, but everything went remarkably well and the handyman only bit my hand once. I meant to take a series of photos as the beams were raised, but with the euphoria of the erection, forgot.
The weather has been really mild, in the fifties this past week. Maybe I'll have time to finish a few more summer projects. It's always a little amazing how much work you can get done when you know it soon will be snowing and possibly below zero in the next few weeks.

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