Monday, August 3, 2009

Breakfast of champions...

Commented earlier (Readin’ the funnies…Mar 18) about the online site for the local paper and how some people use the comment section to bash Obama, the greenies, libruls, or whoever they don’t agree with that day. It used to seem kind of funny, but now it’s just down right stupid and nasty. Here’s a comment that followed a columnist who had linked to some articles that made fun of our recently resigned governor.

“But Cole, know this; With all the negative attitude that you showed to our Fine Ex. Gov. when your time comes and they Roll you in a hole; what I'll do to that hole (After a good meal) won't pass for flowers!”

“I would write more, but I got to get back to My Reading on "Why liberal-women have mustache's. Anyone here ever try to have a conversation with a liberal-woman that has just the right amount of hair on her lip to be called a "mustache" and NOT Stare at it?”

He must have had a double bowl of stupid that morning.

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