Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take a seat...

I got the old Moto Guzzi in '89 from a friend who wanted to buy a Harley. It is a 1975 850T with about 10K miles. Ran great but had some oil leaks and rust issues. Rebuilt the leaky front master cylinder, replaced the tranny seals, and repainted it. The seat had some rips but so what, we'll deal with it later. Well I finally decided to get it fixed this summer since the foam was really starting to show. After sending out many emails to try to find a seat cover, I called a local outfit, Fairbanks Upholstery, and they said sure, bring it in. After they removed the seat cover and foam, the rust on the top of the seat pan was incredible. So had to take it home, sandblast and paint it, then take it back the next day. And now I have this great seat, looks brand new, and it only took twenty years to get it done.

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