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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

More Odd Jobs...

 Not much new going on, the past few weeks have been mostly odd jobs, like cutting logs to be split for firewood, carpentry projects on the cabin, and cutting a new sled dog trail to cross the road. With the trees dropped by Cy last month lying close to the cabin (Firsts 10/22/22), figured it was a good plan to buck up and haul off as much as possible before the snow hit. So most of it got hauled down to the wood cutting area and stacked up for eventual splitting. The carpentry work involved sanding and varnishing the back log wall, similar to what was done on the opposite wall last fall (Random Stuff 11/28/21). 

Also got the trim finished on the back door frame, so that was a good score. Maybe it's time to refinish the back door?

The dog trail was moved due to some of the neighbors friends parking on the road and blocking the old trail crossing (Busted 4/7/22). It was a bit of a slog cutting out all the alder needed to clear the new sled trail, but another neighbor, David, helped and now all we need to run on it is some more snow.

Until then, we'll just have to keep running in circles round the subdivision on the wheeler!

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